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E-books have brought about an educational reform that helps students and book enthusiasts to learn better and faster. E-books around the world have become a prominent way to study and quench reading thirst, as it can be read anytime and anywhere, it's perfectly mobile and you don't have to carry numerous and heavy books anymore, easy offline access ensures no hindrance by internet problems. It has all the interactive features like annotations, pen tools, search option, page zoom, highlights, read loud, etc which makes reading more effective and interesting. Moreover, e-books are cheaper than paper books as they save all the printing costs consequently makes them highly preferable by readers.

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We are not running this for Business. We are running this to help India in this tough Situation and help people to get out this covid period.
We are not selling Ebook. We are giving them ebooks and from that money we want to help India in Covid also we will not donate this in any fund we will directly provide to people’s who need

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Viren Rana


Books For Growth

I have to keep my skills up to date as a teacher, and ebookdukan has been very helpful to me with ebooks. Thank you to the whole Ebookduka team.


Sendhil Rajan

Motivational Speaker

Perfect platform for Readers

Ebookdukan is a fantastic and trustworthy forum for readers. If you have a keen interest in reading, I recommend ebookdukan for your growth.


Deep Bag

Founder at Badho Bharat

Most Valuable Books

Most valuable books in ebookdukan. I have a lot of interest in doing book reading. eBookdukan is a very good platform where i found good books.

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